Monday, July 19, 2010

Colonel Williams Resort, Lake George NY

For a Christmas gift to my mother and father-in-law, my husband and his sister brought the family to Lake George, NY for a 4-day vacation. We spent 3 nights in the Colonel Williams resort.

Know in advance, if you plan to stay there, NO juice boxes or coolers will be allowed in rooms. If they are in there during the daily inspection by the owner, they will be removed. We came back one afternoon to find my father-in-law's cooler on the front porch area. The owner came over when he saw us pull in and told us that we signed a paper acknowledging that we were not allowed to have coolers. The only thing I remember signing was the swimming rules for NY state. My father-in-law explained that they had medications that needed to stay cool and the owner told him to either put the medication in the tiny fridge in the room, or keep refilling the cooler with ice and keep it outside. If he had found any juice boxes, he would have thrown them out.

There is an indoor and outdoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi, hot tub, playground, and a game room. The indoor pool was small and not very clean. It was also cold water, which was odd to me. Any indoor pools I have been in before were a lot warmer than the pool here. The outdoor pool wasn't bad. The playground is across a grassy area from the rooms and is not open until 9am. We were asked to leave at 8:50am when we were playing very quietly.

The first full day we were there, I put out the "do not disturb" sign before we left because we didn't need anything done to the room and didn't want the maids wasting time making our beds. I came back to the sign back in our room and it was apparent that they ignored the sign and came in anyways. Luckily I wasn't sleeping naked at the time or anything of that sort.

Overall, on a scale of 1-5, I would rate this "resort" a 2 at best. If you are a very thin person (the shower was small, no bathtub, only a shower, unless you got a suite, the toilet was very close to the shower stall and sink) and are only using the room for sleeping, it may be worth it. I would not recommend the resort to people with children, mostly due to the no juice box rule. If you stay here, I would pay the extra for the suite so that you can have a bathtub and a couch. The room I stayed in was one with two double beds that were very close together, except for the bathroom door in between.

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