Saturday, May 15, 2010 crayons

The owner of sent me a sample of her crayons through a giveaway on Cafemom. I got two crayons from her, one star and one Lego man shape. My son and I love them. We have both had fun drawing with them. I used them to simply write the website address for a photo in here. The crayons are good quality.
The only drawback to the crayons was that the Lego guy one was a little harder to hold than the star. The crayons also come in different shapes, some more suitable for girls, some more exciting to boys.

Overall, on a scale of one to five, I give these crayons a 4.5.

They are on sale on the site for anywhere from 1.99 for one crayon (big tulip crayons) to 3.49 for a set of six. They are made from recycled crayons, so I am going to say they're non-toxic, as most crayons are non-toxic.